EV motors

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Potting – Prostech’s comprehensive solution for EV motors.

Unlock the potential of your electric vehicle (EV) motors with Prostech’s cutting-edge potting solutions. Designed to meet the rigorous demands

Impregnation – a potential solution to optimize electric vehicle motors

In the realm of electric vehicle propulsion, impregnation stands out as a promising avenue for enhancing motor performance and longevity.

Thread locking/sealing and retaining compound – the trusted solution for electric motors in EVs

Welcome to the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) technology with Prostech’s trusted solution: Thread locking/sealing and retaining compound. Our innovative

Prostech’s solution for gasketing in electric motors

Welcome to Prostech’s innovative solution for gasketing in electric motors. Our advanced techniques and materials ensure optimal sealing performance, enhancing

General bonding – Effective solution for e-motor in EVs

Welcome to the forefront of electric vehicle (EV) technology with Prostech’s pioneering solution: General bonding. Our advanced bonding technique revolutionizes

Solution of Prostech for magnet bonding in EV motors.

Explore the world of electric vehicles where innovative electric motor technology is driving sustainable transportation forward. As the automotive industry

What is an electric motor and its configuration? Types of Electric motors in EVs

Electric motors serve as the beating heart of electric vehicles (EVs), propelling them efficiently and precisely. Understanding the fundamentals of

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