Chemask® W solder mask CW8

Product code: CW8

Manufacturer: Chemtronics

Package size: 8 fl. oz. squeeze bottle

Shelf Life: 1 year


Chemask® W solder mask CW8  is water soluble and designed to be removed with most aqueous cleaning systems. Chemask® W contains high temperature compounds that protect component-free areas from solder during wave soldering. This water soluble formulation is stable to rosin, organic and inorganic fluxes.


  • Protects boards from molten solder to 515°F (268°C)
  • Compatible with most flux types
  • Leaves no corrosive residue
  • Non-contaminating
  • UV Detectable

APPLICATIONS: During wave soldering, Chemask® W CW8 protects:

  • Component Free Areas
  • Gold Connectors
  • Gold Fingers
  • Pin Connectors


Property Values Unit
Temperature Stability 515 °F
Cure Time (10 mils @ 77°F) 1 hr
Viscosity (@ 77°F) (± 300 cps) 15,000 cps
Solids Content ~ 40 %
Shelf Life 1 year

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